Westland Whirlwind Kit

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The whirlwind first flew in 1938 and was used primarily for low-level combat and ground attack.

The model has a 48″ (124cm) wing span the prototypes weighing in at around 49ozs all up.

It requires 2 x 400 electric motors with 1 x 7 cell 2000 battery pack.  This provides ample power but the airframe will accept equivalent motor and battery combinations.  Also, requires a 3 channel radio with mini servos + speed controller.

The kit includes 3 part foam venereed wings and ailerons.  3 part vac formed nacelles, top deck, nose cone, fin, servo tubs and clear canopy dummy exhausts.

Most parts are CNC cut or pre-shaped.  Also horns, quick links etc. are included.

Decal Set available from Pyramid Models

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