Slec Balsa Stripper

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This Balsa Stripper is the only one we have seen that really works. The unit is supplied with an aluminium ‘U’ channel, 1 metre (39″) long, which has a strong double sided tape fixed to its underside. This is fixed down to either your model bench or a separate piece of wood, melamine faced chipboard for example.

Thickness spacers are provided for all the popular sizes. One or more of these are put into the carrier and this is slid into the ‘U’ channel. The wood to be stripped is then held against the ‘U’ channel and the carrier is drawn down the channel and before you know, you’ve got an accurate strip of wood a the grade you wanted and at a fraction of the cost. Hardwood and even plywood can be stripped in a similar manner, but you may need to make several passes depending on the thickness & hardness. The blades are a standard type and easily available. The whole set comprises of, Carrier, ‘U’ Channel, Spacers & Blade plus full instructions


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