Program Card XQ Range of Speed Controller

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This card is very easy to us.  Take the guess work out of programming your ESC .

No modeller should be without one Mark Barnes who is very well known throughout all flying circles commented after he had used his programming card “invaluble, using it for indoor flying changing from 2S to 3S now takes 20 seconds fantastic”, gives me clear and easy set-up option.

Latest version program card can display and modify the parameter item by the 4 digits LED and 4 buttons.  When every parameter setting is done, push ‘write’ key all parameters can be saved into ECS automatically.  The two of all parameters can be set quantificationally.

  1. Low Voltage Protection Threshold:  User can set proper voltage threshold according to cell quantity in range of 00.0-49.9V
  2. Start power can be set in range of 00% -29%.  User can use different start power according to the different condition.  Especially be suitable for ESC for Car and high voltage ESC for Plane.


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