HS635HB Karbonite Gears With High Torque Dual BB

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The HS-635HB utilizes the revolutionary Karbonite gear train. Karbonite is four times stronger than our standard nylon gears and even after hundreds of thousands of cycles it does not show any signs of wear. With a powerful motor and dual ball bearing mounted output shaft, the HS-635HB offers plenty of torque and speed. If your application requires increased speed and torque, the HS-635HB is the perfect upgrade from a standard size servo.

    • 4.8v to 6.0v
    • Motor Type – 3 Pole
    • Bearing Type – Dual Ball Bearing
    • Speed (4.8V/6.0V) – 0.18 / 0.15 sec @ 60 deg.
    • Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V) – 5.0 / 6.0
    • Size in Millimetres – 39.62 x 19.56 x 38.61
    • Weight grams – 51.88
    • Gears – Karbonite


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