Barronette Kit

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WW1 ace Baron Von Richthofen flew the Fokker Triplane to legendary success and it was only when he was confronted by Captain A R Brown in a Sopwith Camel that his luck ran out in March 1918.
The Barronette builds into a realistic sport scale model of this famous aircraft and provides a superb mount for exciting dog fights. Three simply built flat wings, with ailerons in one only, make building straightforward. The high undercarriage necessitates careful rudder steering on take off, this is then rewarded by surprisingly stable flight characteristics.

Span 49″ (1245 mm)
Weight 4 lb(1.8 kg)
Engines .25-.402 strokes
.35-.504 strokes
Radio 4 channel

Kit Contents
Strip and sheet wood
Aluminium cowl
Pre cut parts
Fuel tank
Engine mounting
Hardware pack
Plans and instructions

Centre of Gravity Position.  On middle wing main spar.

Control Throws.
Rudder     30 mm each way
Elevator   15 mm each way
Ailerons    10 mm each way